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Yellow is one of the six colors of cards in the world of Battle Spirits. It is represented by the topaz symbol. It debut in BS02.


Yellow Symbol

Its Symbol or Gem in English was inspired by Topaz, which is also Yellow in color. It has the most simple shape of all, which is semi-oblong.


The main strategy in using yellow is to abuse spells. For example, the keyword Brilliance is exclusive to yellow spirits. Brilliance enables players to recycle spells that are played during flash step. It can be very devastating when paired up with spells like White Potion. Therefore, for yellow-based decks, one common strategy is to combo spells with brilliance spirits. Similarly, there is Evil Light, introduced in BS17, which not only returns magic to your hand, but allows you to activate the same magic again at no cost.

Apart from this, yellow is also good for supporting other colors (and thus can be useful in multicolor decks). For instance, the Heartless-Tin is a yellow spirit that give white spirits the player controls +1000BP, and is often seen in yellow-white decks.

One notable weakness of yellow is that its spirits tend to have low BP for their costs. This can be supplemented by yellow's ability to manipulate battle rules, such as the spell card Imagine Field, with which the result of the battle would be determined by number of cores rather than BP.

As of BS19, yellow also introduces the ability to decrease the BP of opposing spirits. Combining a card with this effect, such as Angelic Pressure with a spirit that has Charge, such as The Angelia Snipal or The Angelia of Light Angu-Light can significantly help in making up for the low BP of yellow.

Yellow have one last ability rush you use one deck combined with yellow spell and rush you can create more opportunities to win.

Yellow seems to have a slight grudge against Blue, since cards like Charadrius target blue.

Themes and Flavour

Yellow is themed around light, imaginations and childish innocence. What lies in the centre of yellow seems to be the emotions of joy and happiness, which are associated strongly with all of these three elements.Yellow spirit types include angels, magicians, fairies, idols and small animals. The spells are mostly related to light and positive emotions. Examples include Archaic Smile and Gleam Hope. Yellow nexus usually depict places that are pleasant and open to the sky.


  • Playing spells without paying the cost <Evil Light>
  • Moving cores between spirits and nexus 
  • Changing battle rules 
  • Reduce BP of opposing spirits 


Unique Family

Shared Family

Yellow Spirits

Cost 0

Cost 1

Cost 2

Cost 3

Yellow Ultimates

Cost 2

Cost 3

Cost 4

Cost 5

Cost 6

Cost 7

Cost 8

Cost 10

Other color spirits that support Yellow 

Cost 2

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