Wurms are a series of mostly Spirits. Some of them are a sub-group of Siegs, and most of them are in the family Astral Dragon. Dan Bashin, Mai Viole, and Barone use these cards in the anime.

Before, effects mainly focused on "Siegwurm"-named cards. It was until the Advent era that more effects started to focus on "Wurm"-named cards.

Play style

Most Wurms rarely have a distinctive play style. The most classic play style is using Siegwurms as Tribute for The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova, which then allows the user to regain until 5 lives. However, the deck structure itself rarely has any relation to the combo.

During Ultimate era, Ultimate-Siegwurm and Ultimate-Siegwurm-Nova were released, but in terms of effects, they had absolutely no relation to the archetype.

In BS43, The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova was released again as a revival version. With Advent leading to an easy call, and the destructive hand-discarding effect, a boom of ideas had gone around the community with how to use Siegwurm-Nova effectively. Siegwurm-Nova revival version also no longer targets Siegwurms, but just Wurms, making its conditions even easier to fulfil. Furthermore, The BlackEmperorDragon Darkwurm makes itself a low cost base card, and The JanuaryYoungPrimalGod Dianus-Kid allows Siegwurm-Nova to advent in main step, leaving the opponent no chance of flash-timing before discarding their whole hand and Removed Zone. With the boom of Wurms, His Cards makes great draws out of the deck, increasing the speed of the game highly. The ConvictionDownfallSword Judgment-Dragon-Sword allows an extra turn straight after, which means the opponent needs to endure two waves of attack with almost no defence at all. Eventually, Dianus-Kid, His Cards, and Judgment-Dragon-Sword are all limited to one card per deck.

A variety of decks basing around Siegwurm-Nova are also made. Two notable decks are the Red/Purple Wurm deck, and the Rose-Berry + Siegwurm-Nova deck. In SD41, more Purple Wurms were released, and besides being in the Astral Dragon family, they were also in the Ogre Wizard family, making them usable in the Hera deck. A mix of Red and Purple gives massive draw power and the ability to remove opposing field easily, with the win condition being Siegwurm-Nova's attack.

The Rose-Berry + Siegwurm-Nova deck goes along with Rose-Berry draw power and core boost. With a few White magic, the deck stalls until the set up is complete, which is summoning Darkwurm, then advent Siegwurm-Nova in Main Step via Dianus-Kid's effect. Judgment-Dragon-Sword is also added in for insurance, sometimes considered an overkill.


  • Although the background setting and the pronunciation of the name are related to Wurms, The SengokuSuperDragon Siegwurm-Nova isn't considered to be in the archetype as its name is written in Kanji instead of Katakana.
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