Vargas Randall
Real Name Vargas
Aliases N/A
Voice (Japanese) Rikiya Koyama
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Episode 23
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color White
Key Cards The IronKnight Yggdrasill

The WingDeity Grand-Woden

X-Rares The WingDeity Grand-Woden

Vargas Randall (ヴァルガス) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Sword Eyes and is the brother of Garudos Randall.


He has short white hair, and a mustache. He wore blue robes, and very tall boots.


He believed in helping people, and that he had to take responsibility as someone with power.


Vargas was the former white Sword Eyes of Light. He came from a poor upbringing, but after acquiring wealth, tried to gather the remaining Sword Eyes as part of his plan to help the people. He failed in his plan, and fell into despair. He disappeared soon after.

Though dead, he appeared to Tsurugi in Stoke. Because of his feelings of regret, his soul was still wandering around there. He offered the red Sword Brave of Darkness to Tsurugi. Tsurugi accepted it, and they had a battle. Vargas felt that Tsurugi was capable of getting the people to listen to him, and was able to finally disappear.

Garudos reveals that he is Vargas' younger brother, and the one responsible for stealing his White Sword Eyes of Light, saying his brother was weak as he constantly exhausted himself in his failure to find the other Sword Eyes of Light.

Vargas came to see Garudos after he acquired the Sword of Judgment, warning him that the power could lead Garudos to destruction. Garudos ordered his droid, Caladbolgar, to eat Vargas' wandering soul. He seemingly succeeded.

Vargas' soul was freed when Bringer destroyed Caladbolger. He came to reunite with Garudos' soul after he died, realizing that the world he tried to create could never match up to the world that Vargas failed to create, the two then departed the world together.


He used a white deck. Similar to Yuuki.

His deck has contained at some point, the following:

Name Color Type
The Artifact Droiden White Spirit
The IronKnight Yggdrasill White Spirit
The Sacred Gungnir White Spirit
The WingDeity Grand-Woden White Spirit

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
28 Single Battle Tsurugi Lose


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