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Ultimateshiningdragon Ultimateshiningdragon 3 March 2015

far fetched

this blog if for you to post about the most far-fetched thing you have ever seen i a battle spirits match so feel free to post and share our experiences

in my case me and my opponnent only had ultimates on our field

sound just about normal right?

but how would you react if there were a total of 13(yeah you heard right) on the field but the end of the match

i had 6 ultimates(2 u-bazzel, u-lord dragon, U-Glazar, u-yamato & u-savior)

while he had 7(2 u-mugen-one braved with Gaianohoko, 2 u-seiryubi, u-giga galrave-braved with jupitersaber, Schwarian-Husky & u-sekkohkiji)

if you encounterd something far-fetched in your matches be sure to comment and share youe far-fetched experiences in this game

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Ultimateshiningdragon Ultimateshiningdragon 21 February 2015

Speculation Blog: What Is Soul Core?

just as a name says this is a speculation blog that i decided to create once i saw Jinraidragon got revealed

so speculate away 

heres a start:

what exactly is soul core?

whats the soul cores purpose?

does this mean battle spirits is going to get its own soul mechanic like buddyfight and vangaurd?

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Ultimateshiningdragon Ultimateshiningdragon 5 September 2014


hey guys after recently rewatching digimon tamers i came up with the idea of remaking the zodiac x-rare but this time they would be based on the chinese zodiac instead of the greek zodiac 

so after 2 hours of looking for good pics and coming up with names and effects here are the results: 


1.the flaredragondeity ryujin" -dragon

2.The flamebeastdeity flame-pegase -horse


3.The MachineTigerDeity Strike-tiger -tiger

4.The pureCarrierDeity Aqua-Rat -rat


5.the wingbeastdeity beast-rooster -rooster

6.the hornbeastdeity mino-taurus -ox


7.the smallhorndeity geo-Satyr -goat

8.the junglewhipdeity gori-ape -monkey


9.the jackdemondeity Infernal-rabid -rabbit

10.the darksnakedeity veno-viper -snake


11.the battlehorndeity tri-boar …

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Ultimateshiningdragon Ultimateshiningdragon 13 May 2014

dark snake offensive/defensive combo

i had recently come up with a very powerful combo for dark snake decks

cards needed

1.The Dark Coffin Cave

2.The DoubleHeadedDragonKing Bi-Jaou

3.The NetherThreeGiants Queen-Merduk

4.The SnakeMasterDeity Asklepiooze

now allow me to explain how this combo works:

the main parts of this combo is with cards no.1-no.3

bi-jaou will give all of your "dark snake" spirits curse and will allow you to get rid spirits on your opponents field during your turn and the nexus will allow you to activate curse on your opponents turn. queen merduk's effect on your opponents turn will give all of your spirits destructive curse therefore allowing you to block your opponents powerful spirits or ultimates using weaker spirit to block without being afarid of losing those…

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Ultimateshiningdragon Ultimateshiningdragon 9 May 2014

battle spirits ost

hey guys can anyone tell me where can i find a good dowload for the battle spirits heroes and sword eyes ost?

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