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    This is the biggest picture I can find, sadly. It's from this month's Saikyo Jump.

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  • Soaker87

    Battle Spirits Survey

    September 5, 2014 by Soaker87

    I made these just for the fun of it. Please fill them out if you like, and I'll probably post the resuts here in a week or so.

    The first is more general and the second is specific to the different anime series. I was originally going to make this one big survey, but apparently, I can't have more than 10 questions wihout paying.

    Part 1-
    Part 2-

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  • Soaker87


    November 12, 2012 by Soaker87

    Okay. I plan to add some new admins to the wiki.

    The only basic requirements are to be active and to not abuse power. I have some candidates in mind, but I'd prefer to see who's interested first before forcing it on anyone.

    So, leave a comment if you're interested.

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  • Soaker87

    I know there's been talk about this for quite a while, but the home page here needs a serious facelift. I'm not an HTML expert, but I've been checking out the coding used by some other wikis, and trying out a few ideas. There are still some bugs I have to work out, but I've pretty much came up with a decent layout.

    Anyway, before any changes are made, I would first like to take suggestions from users of this wiki on what, exactly, we should put on the homepage.

    I think we should definitely have a featured card of the month/week/whatever, and maybe a featured anime character too. I already know what to start off with, but any suggestions for the future are welcomed.

    We could have summaries of the latest anime episodes as well (which would requ…

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