Kelvin990123 Kelvin990123 5 January 2015

Ultimate-Avrielle: Strongest Combo?

While thinking about Ultimate-Avrielle and her ridiculous ability to brave with six braves, one of each color, I was thinking of the strongest combination of braves that can apply useful effects to Avrielle, and at the same time make use of her U-Trigger which takes into account, symbols.

Three things will be considered:

  • Symbol count (Avrielle's Trigger is heavily dependant on symbols, and so the more symbols she has, the more likely she is to utilize her innate effect to the fullest.)
  • Effect (Braves will carry around effects that can potentially maximize Avrielle's Trigger. In particular, refresh effects are very powerful on her, and coupled with high BP, she can be a one woman army.)
  • BP (Pales in significance; Avrielle has high BP already, b…
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Kelvin990123 Kelvin990123 26 November 2014


How many cards do people have? You can also answer in the form of boxes of cards, since I assume there will be people that have too many to count. From your stack, how many are X-Rares?

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Kelvin990123 Kelvin990123 24 November 2014


Random question to break the one day silence: What color are you currently using, and what color would you want to use if you could switch? Answering "n/a" is fine for the last section if you like your color.

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Kelvin990123 Kelvin990123 17 November 2014

SD27 artwork

What do you think about the SD27 artwork compared with the Constellation Saga artwork?

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Kelvin990123 Kelvin990123 30 October 2014

First Blog--Remade cards?

By remade cards, I mean using Phototshop to impose a certain picture in the image square of the card. I've recently done one, though I'm not sure how well it's been made.

Anyway, are there any tips when tackling a task such as this one? Also, how do you deal with cards with images that go outside of the border, or pictures that occupy the whole card?

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