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  • Dungareeunlimited39

    Hello everyone! Here is a new deck that I made, please tell me if any thing is wrong with the deck.

    Heavens Flame


    3x The ShiningSacredSword Shining-Sword

    3x The SunDeitySword Sol-Calibur 

    2x The FireLance Altair

    2x The CannonDragon Bal-Gunner


    3x Burst Draw

    3x Burst Wall

    2x Brave Draw

    2x Charge Draw

    3x Flame Blast

    2x Flame Spark

    2x Dimensional Shield


    3x Bronze-Wurm

    2x Edge Wolf

    3x Mirage Wyvern

    3x Rukbart-Dragon

    2x Ryuuman-Crow

    2x The FirewhirlDragon Firestorm

    3x The ShineDragon Shining-Dragon 

    2x The ShiningSunDragonEmperor Shining-Dragon-Ark


    3x Ultimate-Ark

    2x Ultimate-Siegfried

    3x The UltimateShineDeity Ultimate-Overray

    2x Ultimate-Sagitto-Apollondragon

    3x Ultimate-Siegwurm-Nova

    Now what do you think? It is my first Brave/Charge deck.

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  • Dungareeunlimited39

    OC ideas

    September 4, 2014 by Dungareeunlimited39

    I was thinking of doing a Battle Spirits Fanfiction and as such I want you guys to write your own characters for the story. I will be uploading it to the wiki soon.

    Here is an example of what to do.

    Name: Taiyō Ishida

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Deck: Red Burst Deck

    Key Spirit( or Ultimate): Ultimate-Lord-Dragon

    Personality: Taiyō is extremely enthusiastic and determined. Although a strong card battler he isn't the best when it comes to strategies or numbers. He dreams one day battling the man who gave him Ultimate-Lord-Dragon when he was young in a glourious battle. Although he may lose from time to time he doesn't take it to hard instead he just happy to battle someone strong. 

    Appearance: Tall, Spiky Brown hair, Red eyes, He wears a black jacket with …

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  • Dungareeunlimited39

    Who is your Key Spirit ?

    Say the name and If you want to put a summoning speech as well.

    Mine is Ultimate-Grand-Woden. 

    "Awaken, Silver God of unstoppable power. Arise and cast off anything in your path." Appear Ultimate-Grand-Woden.

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  • Dungareeunlimited39

    Help me please

    October 5, 2013 by Dungareeunlimited39

    Ok I need help so does anyone know where to play Battle Spirits Online if so send me a link please.

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  • Dungareeunlimited39

    Card ideas

    September 15, 2013 by Dungareeunlimited39

    Here are some card ideas of mine



    Cost Reduction:0

    Family:Winged Dragon

    Effects:[All LV]

    When this spirit is summoned, draw 2 cards from the deck.

    1 Level 1

    2000 BP

    2 Level 2

    3000 BP

    1 Red Symbol

    The True DragonEmperor Siegfried


    Cost Reduction:3

    Family:Ancient Dragon,Dragon Emperor

    Effect:[Any LV] Tribute: A cost of 6 or more -> Your core pool (To Summon) Select a spirit you control that has the specified cost and move all cores from that spirit to the specified area.


    Clash(When Attacks) Your opponent must block if possible.


    (During Battle Phase) All of your red spirits get Clash

    1 Level 1


    4 Level 2


    7 Level 3


    2 Red Symbol …

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