First of all, the obligatory, DELETE THIS

With that out of the way, this is a space designed to post about stuff you want to talk about with your wiki-friends without having to shit up someplace else (these words are directed at me mostly). 

Things you can post here:

  • requests for love advice
  • requests for doujin
  • kamen rider
  • complaints about real life
  • funny pictures (if theyre not funny ill delete them dont test me)
  • anime girls
  • anime girls
  • anime girls
  • games
  • other anime
  • other card games
  • love letters directed at me
  • food 
  • anything Fate-related
  • asking for writing advice
  • asking for help with japanese text so you dont have to embarass yourself with google translate

Things you shouldn't post:

  • bad memes
  • doujin
  • i mean you can talk about battle spirits if you want but im sure there is anywhere else on this wiki to do that so why would you bother to do that here

if i think anything else ill edit it accordingly but most of these wont be enforced and ill just call you names if you post awful memes. allez shitposting

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