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123sendodo 123sendodo 7 June 2013

My Deck (Updated)

Hello guys! I just created my newest deck. And I also made a video about it. Please subscribe my youtube channel btw.

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123sendodo 123sendodo 17 April 2013

Miss Grand Rolo

I like the story and miss the story of dan and those in grand rolo. I think that there's many ways to develope the next series

1. Contiue the story in grand rolo. Maybe magisa saves dan and and dan is teleported back to thousand years grand rolo after clash king dan and maybe he meets zungrill's grandson's grandson called zunzungrill (just jk) and grand rolo is under attack of the gods maybe and dan needs to fight the gods and finally he got back to earth.

2. Continue the story of barone and the remaining human and how they rebuild the earth, however some people don't like barone and his policys and then some rebels came and challege barone and how barone and his teammates fight the rebels and his teamates will be that flora (green) , Zolder…

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123sendodo 123sendodo 2 March 2012

My Deck

The colors I use is green, white, purple and blue.

No. of cards 47
Green Total 19 Spirits 11 Braves 1 Nexuses 2 Magic 5
White Total 8 Spirits 5 Braves 0 Nexuses 1 Magic 2
Purple Total 9 Spirits 6 Braves 1 Nexuses 1 Magic 1
Blue Total 11 Spirits 9 Braves 2 Nexuses 0 Magic 0

All my cards:

Key: S for Spirits, M for Magic, B for Braves and N for Nexuses.

Green: The Worker Antman(S), Amenborg(S), The AirCommodore Geran(S) 2, The ArmoredBushin Girafa-Rando (S X-rare), The Ninja Sarutobe (Master rare S), Thorn Prison(M) 2, Matchra (S), The BladeWolf Beo-Wulf (B), The Hunter Kinghepardo (S), The Storm Highland (N), Full Add (M), The Fruit of Wise Tree (N), Grass Trap (M), Toughness Recovery (M), Dal-Eagle (S), Tsukushinmoa (S), Skunks (S).

Blue: Shuddomell…

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