• I live in Philippines
  • I was born on April 16
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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What's up? Kenzaki here! I am quite new to this page but I played Battle Spirits for quite a year. I like visiting this page to discover new cards and stronger strategies.

I am a red deck user and when I play, I mostly destroy my opponent's spirits with lower BP with my own Spirit's effect. I still continue to play and battle my friends and collect more cooler cards for my deck.

I am also a blue deck user. My deck is consisted of mostly fighting spirits and is specialized with the Great Demolish effect.

I look forward to battle with other Card battlers who are stronger than me because that is the way I train myself. :)

My Key Cards


  • Ultimate-Mugendragon-Yeah the Partner of Rei. This Ultimate destroys all opposing spirits with a BP of 5000 or less. Powerful isn't it? Not to mention it's greatest power, when both of his Ultimate-Trigger hit, he would be an ultimate with TRIPLE SYMBOL! OYEAH!
  • Ultimate-Sagitto-Apollodragon-The great Sagitto, the Tri-Dragon Deity used by Kiriga, my favorite Character in the show. Also has a Double-Ultimate Trigger which can destroy two opposing spirits with BP of 15000 or less. Also has the capacity of being an ultimate with TWO SYMBOLS!
  • Ultimate-Siegwurm-Nova-My last keycard but definitely not the least, the Leader of The Red Hot Party and The Tri-Dragon Deity, this Big Guy can save your life just by summoning it. It has two separate ultimate triggers, one is when it is summoned, if the trigger hits, depending on the hit card, you can refill your life up until it is five again. Such a powerful ability. And also his 2nd ultimate-trigger that when the hit card is a Critical hit, you can destroy one opposing spirit with a BP of 12000 or less. Also good for destroying spirits with good effects because this Ultimate has a rage so the opponent must block if possible. :D


  • Ultimate-Alexander - My ultimate in the color Blue. He looks like a spartan doesn't he? He is the blue ultimate of Rei and the lost card of Kiriga. This ultimate is capable of attacking two times in a turn by his Critical hit effect where he can refresh once per turn. He is also good against trigger counters because he can't be affected by opposing magics.
  • Ultimate-Gordias - My second ultimate with two Ultimate triggers. Depending on how many triggers hit, he can destroy a spirit with a cost 4 or less. If both triggers hit, he can also destroy one opposing spirit. He is also a great counter to purple decks with immortality.
  • The_SeaEmperorGiant_Duranzam - This s one of my most favorite cards in the game. And if partnered with many Fighting spirits with a cost of 5 or more, you can destroy the opponent's deck with one turn! :)
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