Battle Spirits Wiki

Hi, Gurendragon here. Took me long enough to decide to type something here. But well, I guess it is good to write something down on a site I often come to. I've started playing the game since the Gekiha Dan era, and got more into the game since the Heroes era. I'm still playing the game both irl and online. Fascinated not only by the CG in anime, the game mechanics, arts, but also the lore and references, it allows me to stay with the game despite it meeting its ups and downs through the years. It is also always fun to see how they put their efforts in referencing in the Collaboration Boosters (while also frustrating when you started to question the designs of some cards).

It is around the Ultimate era that I stumbled upon, and hence the wiki, thus discovering the existence of a community that I hardly learnt of before. I have been checking the updates of wiki and reading the threads for quite a long time until I finally started doing some minor edits, and trying to help out as much as I can.

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