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Hello. People commonly call me Dion, though I go by the alias Nightmare in some communities. I am a long-time player of TCGs. My involvement began with the Pokemon TCG a long, long time ago, which I played IRL (not like there was a way to play it online back then), but I moved on after a while. I began playing Yu-Gi-Oh when it came out in my country for a while, but eventually my interest faded out due to lack of a suitable community. For a few years I didn't bother much with TCGs, only playing a few online web-based ones.

Around four years ago I began playing Yu-Gi-Oh on-and-off again, only online though. The game just wouldn't hold me because I found it extremely imbalanced with a lot of serious flaws. My problem was solved when I began playing Cardfight!! Vanguard. I immediately picked up the game from the moment the first episode aired and started playing fervently online, also starting to play the game IRL when it came out.

I had stumbled across Battle Spirits before, during the short period of time when I played Duel Masters, but it never really caught my interest. Eventually, due to some disappointments regarding the direction CFV was taking, I started looking for something more to hook me. That's when I began watching the Battle Spirits anime, whose first season had previously thrown me off. I braved (sic) through the awkward parts, though, and did not regret it, to the point where I quickly watched the entirety of the anime, enjoying it greatly. Since then I started playing the TCG, and though it was a daunting task to catch up, especially due to the limited community, I believe I've managed to build up some skill and experience. Unfortunately the game isn't available at all here or anywhere outside Japan really, but I really appreciate the great job this wiki is doing at keeping things translated and up-to-date.

Some random info:

BS seasons in order of preference:

  1. Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan
  2. Battle Spirits Heroes
  3. Battle Spirits Brave
  4. Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin
  5. Battle Spirits Sword Eyes

BS main characters in order of preference:

  1. Dan Bashin (in season 2)
  2. Hajime Hinobori
  3. Dan Bashin (in season 3)
  4. Tsurugi Tatewaki
  5. Toppa Bashin

BS rivals in order of preference:

  1. Yuuki Momose
  2. Barone
  3. Yaiba
  4. J Sawaragi
  5. Tegamaru Tanashi

BS villains in order of preference:

  1. Garudos / "God"
  2. Zazie
  3. Otherworld King
  4. Number Nine
  5. Tegamaru Tanashi (if he can be considered a villain)

Favorite spirits per color:

Favorite battles per season:

  • Season 1: Bashin Toppa vs J (their last battle)
  • Season 2: Momose Yuuki (+Kajitsu) vs Kurotaru
  • Season 3: Bashin Dan vs Mai
  • Season 4: Hajime vs Tegamaru (their last battle)
  • Season 5: Yaiba vs Garudos