Battle Spirits Wiki

Hello! I'm 123sendodo! I'm fan of Battle Spirits. I love the Dan series. The first Battle Spirits series I watched is Geihka Dan. So I like it very much. The colours I use for my main deck is Red, Green, Purple. My X-rares are The EarthDragonDeity Gai-Asura, The StarDragonDeity Sieg-Meteorwurm, The PhoenixDragon Phoenix-Sword, The ArmoredBushin Girafa-Rando, The SwordHero Sieg-Susano-Fried.

Dan X Mai

As you can see, my profile picture is Dan and Mai. Well, if you want to know why I like them. Because I just have a dream about Mai parkouring in Minecraft. And that also inspired me to make a curse deck. I think Mai is very poor. Because she losted Dan. Well, she cried and is sad. I also hope to see Dan in the next series. It is about to be annouced in November, maybe as a Birthday present from Bandai?