Usagi Mogami
Usagi Mogami
Real Name Usagi Mogami
Aliases N/A
Voice (Japanese) Kei Shindou
Gender Female
Age N/A
First Appearance Episode 1
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color N/A
Key Cards N/A
X-Rares N/A
Usagi Mogami (茂上卯咲) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Double Drive.


Usagi is a girl with red hair and blue eyes. She wears her hair in a ponytail with a white ribbon. She wears a white skirt with yellow buttons.

In Mistral-Bit's trials, Usagi wears rabbit ears on her head. She wears a black vest with yellow buttons and a red bow over a white shirt, as well as red pants and long white socks.


Usagi is easily irritated, especially when her dad and her brothers get into long talks about Battle Spirits. Otherwise, she seems to be a cheerful person.


Usagi Mogami is Shunta Mogami and Kento Mogami's sister. When they and her dad, Toshio Mogami kept talking about Shunta's recent victory in a Battle Spirits tournament, she got angry and yelled at them.

After Yoku Albatrosa received The RabbitTwelveGodKing Mistral-Bit from a Soul Spot, Usagi appeared in a trial in Yoku's dreams. She guided him through the trial, saying that he can only return to the normal world if he was able to clear it. Eventually, Yoku had a battle against himself. When he won, he was able to return to the real world.


  • Her name, Usagi, means "rabbit". This is referenced when she appeared in Mistral-Bit's trial in Yoku's dreams.


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Battle Spirits Double Drive (manga)


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