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Ultraman (ウルトラマン; Urutoraman) is a collaboration-series archetype that was introduced in CB01, despite its first member being a BSC24 card. Every Ultraman is part of the Fighting Spirit family, while the Purple and Blue/Purple ones also possess the Infernal Lord family, some Blue Ultramen also possess Soldier.

Their effects generally have a flavorful reference to their powers within their universe adapted into gameplay form. For an example, The Original Ultraman, who could only stay transformed for three minutes, has an effect that returns itself to the hand after three turns.

Playing Style

The purely blue Ultramen possess generic Blue effects, such as Cost-based destruction, draw-and-discard effects, Nexus-related effects and anti-Magic effects. Their costs vary from low to high, and have the standard high BP of Blue cards, allowing a deck to be composed of mostly Ultramen without any issues.

Ultraman Orb's playstyle is different from average, as it asks for particular cards and makes you reveal them to the opponent, but the effects unlocked by these can give great advantage in battle. However, to properly use these effects, hand advantage and holding back on the summoning of cards are both necessary.

Ultraman Belial is distant from the rest of the archetype, supporting Kaiju and Seijin instead, its effects also being more typical to Purple cards, being centered on destroyal of exhausted Spirits/Ultimates and core amount destruction.

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