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Example of an Ultimate

Ultimate (アルティメット ; arutimetto) is the 5th card type introduced into the game. While they are also used for battles like Spirits, Ultimates are not Spirits. Also, instead of the usual six colors, most Ultimates have a golden star-shaped symbol, called an Ultimate symbol. This symbol does not represent any of the six colors. The best way to recognise an Ultimate card is through their golden borders.

Since Ultimates belong to a different card type, they are unaffected by any effects that designate at Spirits and Braves. All Ultimates start at level three when summoned rather than level one. Except for The UltimateQueen Antarc, all Ultimates have summon conditions, which need to be fulfilled along with the paid cost when summoning the cards.


  • Ultimates in the Incarnate family are previously released Spirits that have ascended to newer heights and evolved.
  • During the Ultimate Saga, most Ultimates are much larger than normal Spirits, rivalling The PhantomStarDragon Gai-Asura. However, since Burning Soul Saga, Ultimates have the sizes of average high cost Spirits, as a way to maintain the game balance.


Ultimates (General)

Q1. How do Ultimates differ from Spirits?
A1. Ultimates can attack and block like Spirits can, but they cannot brave except with Braves that specifically designate Ultimates in their condition. Ultimates can be affected by effects that specify them, but they are unaffected by effects that specify Spirits.

Q2. When a white Spirit is braved with a red Brave without a symbol, can an Ultimate with [Summon Condition: You must control one or more red Spirits] be summoned?
A2. Yes, it can be summoned.

Q3. When all the core on your red Spirits is used when summoning an Ultimate with [Summon Condition: You must have one or more red spirits] and you no longer have any red Spirits, can it still be summoned?
A3. Yes, it can be summoned. Summon condition is checked before you pay the cost.

Q4. Ultimate symbols are different in color and shape, but can a red Ultimate be used for red reduction when summoning a red Spirit or using a red Magic card?
A4. No, ultimate symbols cannot be counted for reducing any of the six colors.

Q5. Can Ultimates be powered up through Charge and other effects?
A5. No, if the effect does not specify Ultimates, it cannot affect Ultimates. However, if the effect targets the Field, then Ultimates are affected.

Q6. Can Armor or Heavy Armor block the effects of Ultimates?
A6. No, they cannot block the effects.

Q8. When destroyed by the effects of opposing Ultimates, do effects like The IceShieldGuardian Ohshin's "when destroyed by opposing effects" activate?
A8. Yes, they activate.

Q9. Can effects like The HollowEmperor Netherd-Baaral and The WhiteSnakeEmperor Aldius-Viper that move cores from the Field to the reserve also move cores from Ultimates to the Reserve?
A9. Yes, they can.

Q10. Can Ultimates block the attacks of The CancerBushin Cancerd and The ArmoredWoodGod Herac-Dinus that can only be blocked by two Spirits?
A10. Yes, a single Ultimate can block. This effect is only for when blocking with Spirits.

Q11. Can Ultimates block the attacks of The NetherThreeGiants Thunder-Million and The AbyssalTwinDragon Hastark that state the opponent cannot block unless they do X without having to do X?
A11. No, just like Spirits, Ultimates must also do X to block, as the effect targets the player.

Q12. When a cost 6 Spirit and cost 5 Ultimate are battling and Knockout is used, is cost compared and the ultimate with lower cost is destroyed?
A12. No, neither the Spirit nor the Ultimate are destroyed.

Q13. Can Ultimate cards be returned to the hand with The ClownPrincess Trickster's summon effect that returns cards from the Trash to the hand?
A13. Yes, they can be.

Q14. Can the LV2 effect of The Great Wall of the White Shield end battles that Ultimates are in?
A14. Yes, it can end the battle.

Q15. Can Ultimates block spirits that cannot be blocked by Life Dream's main effect?
A15. No, Ultimates cannot block either, as the effect is targeting the attacking Spirit itself.

Q16. Can Ultimates be blocked while exhausted with Shieldmobile's "block while exhausted" effect?
A16. Yes, Ultimates can be blocked by Spirits in exhausted condition as well.

Q17. When a LV4 Spirit and LV3 Ultimate battle and Angel Voice is used, what happens?
A17. Neither the Spirit with a higher level nor the Ultimate with a lower level is destroyed.

Q18. When counting the colors of symbols on field, do Ultimate symbols count as gold symbols?
A18. No, as long as Ultimate symbols are not treated as another color, they do not count as a color.


Q1. When the cost of the card sent from the deck to the trash by Ultimate-Trigger is the same as your ultimate’s cost, does the Ultimate-Trigger hit?
A1. No,the same cost does not qualify as a hit. The cost of the ultimate must be higher.

Q2. Can Ultimate-Trigger be prevented through “deck can’t be discarded from” effects?
A2. No, it cannot be. Sending cards to the trash through Ultimate-Trigger does not count as deck destruction.

Q3. What is Critical Hit?
A3. It is an effect that activates when Ultimate-Trigger hits and the hit card fits the condition described.

Q4. When the hit effect cannot be activated, such as Ultimate-Kingtaurus’ Ultimate-Trigger when the opponent has no spirits, can Critical Hit still be used?
A4. Yes, it can be.

Q5. What is a guard?
A5. A guard is when Ultimate-Trigger does not hit.

Q6. Does Critical Hit activate after the hit effect?
A6. No, as long as it does not specify a different time, it activates at the same time as the hit effect.

Q7. What is Double Ultimate-Trigger?
A7. Two cards are sent from the top of the opponent’s deck to the trash, and if one of the two cards has a lower cost than the ultimate’s cost, the hit effect can be activated.

Q8. Is Double Ultimate-Trigger treated as Ultimate-Trigger?
A8. Yes, that is correct.

Q9. One card from among the two cards sent to the trash by Double Ultimate-Trigger hit, but the other did not. At this time, do “when guarded” effects activate?
A9. No, they do not. If at least one hit, then Double ultimate-Trigger is not guarded.

Q10. What is Double Hit?
A10. When both of the cards sent to the trash by Double Ultimate-Trigger hit.

Q11. Does Double Hit activate after the hit effect?
A11. No, as long as it does not specify a different time, it activates at the same time as the hit effect.

Q12. When comparing cost with Ultimate-Trigger, are the cost of braves added to those of braved ultimates.
A12. Yes, that is correct.

Q13. What is Cross Ultimate-Trigger?
A13. It is an effect that happens after Ultimate-Trigger is resolved if the conditions are met. Like Ultimate-Trigger,one card from the top of the opponent’s deck is sent to the trash, and if that card’s cost is less than the ultimate’s cost, a hit effect may activate.

Q14. Is Cross Ultimate-Trigger treated as Ultimate-Trigger?
A14. Yes, that is correct. Trigger Counter can be used when Cross Ultimate-Trigger hits, and other “when Ultimate-Trigger hits” effects can activate.

Q15. Does Cross-Ultimate Trigger occur after Ultimate-Trigger and all effects springing from it, such as “when hits”, “when guards”, and effects when destroyed?
A15. Yes, that is correct. However, bursts triggered by Ultimate-Trigger are resolved after Cross-Ultimate Trigger and all other non-burst effects resolve.

Q16. Even if Ultimate-Trigger is guarded, can Cross Ultimate-Trigger still activate if its condition is fulfilled and it remains on field after all effects relating to Ultimate-Trigger resolve?
A16. Yes, that is correct.

Q17. Can Cross Ultimate-Trigger be activated after Ultimate-Trigger and other effects when attacking are resolved?
A17. No, it cannot be. When Ultimate-Trigger resolves and Cross Ultimate-Trigger can be used, Cross Ultimate-Trigger must be resolved first.

Q18. With effects that prevent Ultimate-Trigger from happening, such as with The AstralKnightSpear Gacrux’s brave effect, can Cross Ultimate-Trigger still be used?
A18. No, it cannot be. If Ultimate-Trigger is not activated, Cross Ultimate-Trigger cannot be used.

Ultimate Hand

Q1. What is Ultimate Hand?
A1. When a burst card in your hand has its condition fulfilled, once per turn, you can activate that burst from your hand.

Q2. Can a burst activated with Ultimate Hand immediately activate its burst effect?
A2. No, just like regular bursts, the burst effect activates after all other active effects resolve.

Q3.When activating both a set burst and a burst activated through Ultimate Hand, which occurs first?
A3. The burst that was activated first resolves first. After resolving all effects stemming from that effect, the latter burst may be resolved.

Q4. Can bursts in the hand be activated through Ultimate Hand even when the opponent uses a “bursts cannot be activated” effect?
A4. Yes, they can. Ultimate Hand is unaffected by the opponent's“bursts cannot be activated” effects.

Q5. While there is one ultimate with Ultimate Hand: Red and one ultimate with Ultimate Hand: Purple on your field, can they each activate a burst once?
A5. No, they cannot. Even when there are two ultimates with Ultimate Hand on field, the effect can only be used once per turn, even if the designated colors are different.

Q6. You declare the activation of a burst with a “when your spirit is destroyed/depleted by the opponent” through Ultimate Hand. After that, instead of being sent to the trash, the spirit depleted/destroyed by the opponent remains on field or returns to your hand through effects. In that case, does the activated burst return to the hand?
A6. Yes, that is correct.

Q7. Can a set burst and a burst in the hand be declared activated simultaneously?
A7. No, they cannot be. Pick the order which they are to be activated in.

Q8. The number of bursts that you can activate via Ultimate Hand is not written, so can two or more bursts be simultaneously declared activated?
A8. No, they cannot be. Bursts are declared one at a time, so once one is declared, Ultimate Hand has been used, and a second burst cannot be activated.

Q9. After a burst has been activated through Ultimate Hand and the ultimate with Ultimate Hand is removed from field before the burst effect activates, does the activated burst return to the hand?
A9. No, it does not. If the ultimate with Ultimate Hand is removed from field, if the burst conditions are activated, that burst remains activated. That burst also is still unaffected by “bursts cannot be activated” effects.

Q10. Can “discard a burst” effects discard bursts activated by Ultimate Hand?
A10. No, they cannot. Only set bursts can be discarded by these effects.

Soul Drive

Q1. What is Soul Drive?
A1. It is an effect that activates by banishing Soul Core from the game. The banished Soul Core cannot be used again for the game.

Q2. Where does the banished Soul Core go?
A2. Please place the Soul Core someplace where it will not mix with the core in the void, life, reserve, field, and trash.

Q3. Can an Ultimate with only a single Soul Core on it activate Soul Drive while depleting itself?
A3. No, it cannot activate.

Q4. If a LV4 Ultimate that has Soul Drive starting at LV4 becomes LV3 by banishing Soul Core, can it still activate Soul Drive?
A4. Yes, it can.

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