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Type: Flower (タイプ:華, Taipu: Hana) is a type of Magic cards introduced in BS48. The effects of Type: Flower magics vary, but all of them have the effect to treat themselves as in the Fairy family, as well the ability to stay on the field. Unlike Type: Song magic cards, the action of putting a Type: Flower magic onto the field is compulsory.

From BS48 onwards, there are Fairy Spirits that have effects which rely on having these magics staying field. They are also a main source of Core Charge of The Grandwalker Aphrodite. Each Type: Flower magic card also has a name and illustration referencing a specific Fairy Spirit, such as Primrose Field is related to Godseeker GrandflowerFairy Primula.

A card having Type: Flower is counted as having a printed effect. However, if an effect leads to the card losing effects, or can't activate its effects, the Type: Flower aspect it has won't be affected, and the card is still treated as having Type: Flower.

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