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Twinkle Revolution (煌革命, Kō kakumei) is a keyword which debuted in BS42. The only Spirit to possess it is The WonderKing Siegfried-MadHatter. The keyword's text reads:

  • (Flash) Twinkle Revolution (When Attacks) By discarding 4 Spirit cards from the family "Ancient Dragon"/"Magician" with the same cost from your Hand/Removed from Game Zone, until next activation of Twinkle Revolution, switch opponent's [Refresh Step] and [Attack Step]. 


  • After activation of Twinkle Revolution, your opponent's steps will be as follow:
  1. Start step
  2. Core step
  3. Draw step
  4. Attack step
  5. Main step
  6. Refresh step
  7. End step

Cards with Twinkle Revolution

List of Spirits with Twinkle Revolution