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Twinkle Body Substitution (煌空蝉, Koutsusemi) is a "Finisher Move" type keyword which debuted in BS43, exclusive to The NinjaTwinkleDragon Siegfried-Jiraiya. Arguably an Advent-based version of Kagemusha, it turns pre-Advent cards into shields to protect Siegfried-Jiraiya from any type of removal. The wording is as follows:

  • Twinkle Body Substitution - When this Spirit becomes the target of an opposing effect, you can summon a pre-advent card underneath this Spirit, without paying the cost. Then, change the target of that effect to that Spirit only.


Q1. Can I summon Braves/Ultimates by this effect?

A1. Yes, you can.

Q2. What if I direct Brave a Brave card or if i summoned an Ultimate by this effect?

A2. Since no Spirit was summoned, the target does not change.

Cards with Twinkle Body Substitution

List of Spirits with Twinkle Body Substitution