The TwelveGodKing (十二神皇 Jūnishinō?) are a series of cards within the God-King family, first released in SD33, eventually becoming a proper archetype in BS39. They are based on the Chinese Zodiac.

Playing Style

The TwelveGodKings can be found in every color, their costs varying greatly, which allows some to come into the field much faster than others. While their effects are appropriate to their color, they share the common aspect of giving effects or having effects that affect other God-Kings and Ten Crowns as well, except for Tiamadou, which only supports God-Kings.

As they're split in pairs per color, with the exception of Red and Green, which have three TwelveGodKings, each God-King makes use of an aspect of the color, such as Exeseed having an effect using Red's characteristic target attacking and BP Destruction, while Revol-Tiger has an effect which gives hand advantage and BP increasal.

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