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True-Awaken (真-覚醒 (しん-かくせい), Shin-kakusei) is a modified version of Awaken, an ability of Red Ultimates. Ultimates with this effect have the following effect:

  • Flash- True-Awaken (When Attacks) By putting a core from Spirits you control to this Ultimate, this Ultimate gets +3000 BP.

In addition to the core moving aspect Awaken originally provides, True-Awaken also gives you extra BP, which allows Ultimates with such ability that are originally having a higher BP then their Spirit counterparts to be able to gain an even greater advantage in BP comparisons. This especially synergies with effects like True-Clash and effects that triggers upon winning in BP comparisons. The downside of the effect when compared to original Awaken is that it can only be used in the flash timing when the card attacks, instead of any flash timing.

Currently, Ultimate-Siegfried is the only one to have this effect. It goes well along with the Ultimate Trigger it owns that forces opposing spirits to block.

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