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Toppa Bashin
Real Name Toppa Bashin
Aliases Bashin-han(Nickname from Kyouka)

Bashi_kun(Nickname general) Aibou(Nickname from Father)

Voice (Japanese) Mutsumi Tamura
Voice (Tagalog) Hazel Hernan
Voice (Thai) Arunee Nanthiwat
Gender Male
Age 12
First Appearance Ep. 1
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Red
Key Cards Double Draw
The DragonEmperor Siegfried
The TwinRowdy Diranos
The SacredEmperor Siegfrieden
X-Rares The DragonEmperor Siegfried
The TwinRowdy Diranos
The GiantHero Titus
The MobileFortress Castle-Golem
The Gigantic Thor
The SacredEmperor Siegfrieden

Toppa Bashin (馬神トッパ) is the protagonist of the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin

"Come out, My Key Spirit! The DragonEmperor Siegfried!"


Toppa has messy orange hair. His eyes are red. Normally, he wears a black shirt, red jacket, and tan pants. He has a short sleeve version of his outfit to wear in the summer.


Always enthusiastic and optimistic, but tends to be clueless, especially to the feelings of other people. Regardless, he's generally well meaning. A huge Battle Spirits fan, he would prefer to devote all his time to it, and thus does poorly at school, when he's not sleeping through it.

Bashin, J and Suiren



Toppa Bashin lives in an apartment with his mother, Hayami, and his pet mouse, Aibou. His father, Touha, left when he was young. He picked up many mannerisms from his father, and also inherited a red stone, which was a key to opening the alternate world of Isekai. It also allows Aibou to speak.

He attends Toaru Elementary School at the beginning of the series, where he's a 6th year student.

When his father left, Bashin was very shy, and couldn't make friends well. He opened up when his mother taught him Battle Spirits. He was then always happy to make friends with everyone he met. He was able to win over even J, his rival and the "prince of the Battle Spirits World" and the idol, My Sunshine (aka Suiren). He also was close friends with Striker, a soccer player from his elementary school, and his childhood friend, Meganeko. Because J, Striker and Suiren were all chosen card battlers like him, they became very close, often battling among each other in tag matches. However, this led to Bashin neglecting Meganeko.

When Bashin learns that J's father, Kiano, is a member of Thousand Spirits Group, he's determined to help J. They make a promise to defeat King Uchuuchouten, Thousand Spirits Group's leader, together. Despite this, J becomes a member of Thousand Spirits Group himself. Bashin believes they're still friends, and is anxious to meet them. He and some others go to Kyoto, where J will be appearing at an event. During this time, J defeats Bashin. He assaults him, and denies that the two are friends. Though only Meganeko can notice, for the first time, Bashin is actually crushed.

Still determined to get J back, Bashin, along with Striker, Suiren, Meganeko, Kyouka and (at the last moment) Masako form Team Shomen Toppa to compete in the next tournament. They're able to win against Numbers Elite, Thousand Spirits Groups team, but as J didn't participate, Bashin still is unsatisfied. J finally battles against him in a special match, where King Uchuuchouten actually brings the arena into Isekai World. Bashin wins the match, and is reunited with J.

Soon after, Bashin and the other chosen card battlers are invited to participate in the King Uchuuchoten Cup. Bashin and J are set to battle together in a tag. The tournament is actually a trap to acquire their stones, and the opponents are a mostly-brainwashed Numbers Elite. As Bashin's friends are eliminated in the tournament, they're captured, leaving only Bashin and J remaining. Bashin feels guilty, but J inspires him to keep continuing.

Bashin and J face Smile (Number Four) and Seven in their match. They're able to win, and the two split up afterwards. Bashin goes to take on Number Nine. He wins the battle, but the power Number Nine stole from King Uchuuchouten, and all his rage with it, transfer back to King Uchuuchouten. He becomes Bashin's final opponent. When Bashin finally wins, Isekai World fades. All of the stones' powers are lost, and King Uchuuchouten reverts to his real identity, Touha Bashin.

In the epilogue, Bashin says farewell to J, who is going to study abroad in America. He finds that his father is leaving again. As a parting gift, Bashin receives a new red stone. He calls J, who can also access Isekai World again, and they have a battle there.


Like in the anime, Bashin is a 6th grader who attends Toaru Elementary. He lives with his mother, and his father left when he was younger.

Bashin takes care of some of the house work, because his mother usually works the night shift. He believes in the importance of bonds and plays Battle Spirits because of his bond with his father.

One day, Bashin met a man on the streets, and gave him the bag of chips he was eating. As a reward, the man gave Bashin the red cornerstone, and an envelope with a card inside. When Bashin opened it later, he realized that the card was blank. He considered it junk until a Nazo-Otona appeared and requested it. He and Bashin battled over the card in Isekai World, which turned into The DragonEmperor Siegfried in battle, allowing Bashin to win.

Another Nazo-Otona, Number Nineteen, appeared in Bashin's school. Bashin tried to stop him from attacking Meganeko, but was knocked down the stairs. Striker saved Bashin, but was injured in the process. Bashin defeated Number Nineteen, and was rewarded with the green cornerstone that Nineteen possessed, and another blank card. Feeling bad for Striker, who wouldn't be able to play soccer anymore, Bashin dressed up as a nurse and came to the hospital to take care of him. He taught Battle Spirits to Striker.

Bashin attended a tournament with a High Ranker Pass that Suiren gave to him. There, Bashin and J get into a battle, and also clash over ideals. The battle is left unresolved because Bashin passes out.

When Bashin and the others found J again, he became an ally of Smile. Bashin defeated J, and they were able to come to an understanding and join forces against Smile.

Smile had sealed Bashin and his friends, as well as others, in an alternate world. They would battle with their freedom at risk. With help from his friends, and all the people who cheered him on, Bashin defeated Smile. Before returning to the real world, he spoke with Uchuuchouten, who thanked him. Bashin realized it was his father.

(New Year Special)

Toppa arrived in Yukimura's world in order to stop the Nazo Otona's plan to fuse Iseikai World and Yukimura's world together and turn it into his own personal paradise. He encountered Yukimura and his friends, and realized they weren't frozen because of Yukimura's power as a card battler. Bashin dragged Yukimura to the stadium to fight Nazo Otona, in a 2 VS 1 Battle. They win thanks to the effect of Burning Spirit, saving the world as a result. Before he fades from Yukimura's world, he give Burning Spirit to Yukimura.


Bashin uses a primarily red deck, but adds some blue later on, in order to combat blue deck destruction.

His deck is focused on cards with the keyword Evolution.

His deck has contained at some point the following:

Anime Deck

Name Color Type
DarkDinohound Red Spirit
DarkGoradon Red Spirit
The DinoCavalry Diridalus Red Spirit
Dinohound Red Spirit
The DragonEmperor Siegfried Red Spirit
The DragonicFortress Giga Red Spirit
Dragsaurus Red Spirit
Eyeburn Red Spirit
Goradon Red Spirit
The GrandBishop Levia Red Spirit
Lanceraptor Red Spirit
Lizardedge Red Spirit
Lizardman Red Spirit
Metalburn Red Spirit
Orcaria Red Spirit
The RiseDragon Balmung Red Spirit
Rokceratops Red Spirit
The SacredEmperor Siegfrieden Red/White Spirit
The Scout Dragno Red Spirit
Skeleton-Jaw Red Spirit
Taurusknight Red Spirit
Teranosaber Red Spirit
The TwinRowdy Diranos Red Spirit
The Ancient Fault Red Nexus
The Burning Battlefield Red Nexus
The Great Ancient Dragon's Jaw Red Nexus
The Middle of Hard Battle Red Nexus
The Plateau of Duel Red Nexus
The Ruby Sun Red Nexus
The Seven Dragons' Throne Red Nexus
Buster Lance Red Magic
Buster Phalanx Red Magic
Buster Spear Red Magic
Call of Lost Red Magic
Der Ring des Nibelungen Red Magic
Double Draw Red Magic
Double Hearts Red Magic
Dragons' Rush Red Magic
Flame Dance Red Magic
Flame Tempest Red Magic
Fourth Draw Red Magic
Lightning Ballista Red Magic
Mind Flare Red Magic
Offensive Aura Red Magic
Seventh Crimson Red Magic
Spirit Link Red Magic
Synchronicity Red Magic
Warning Attack Red Magic
Skulldemon Purple Spirit
Gowsilvia Green Spirit
Potion Berry Green Magic
Invincible Shield White Magic
Dream Ribbon White Magic
The Fairy Tanya Yellow Spirit
Royal Potion Yellow Magic
The BattleBeast Bun-Ffalo Blue Spirit
The BattleBeast Diatryma Blue Spirit
The BattleBeast Rhino-Ceros Blue Spirit
The Berserker Troll Blue Spirit
Deep-Arnold Blue Spirit
The GiantHero Titus Blue Spirit
The IronFist Tiga Blue Spirit
The MobileFortress Castle-Golem Blue Spirit
The Pikeman Jeffrey Blue Spirit
Rock-Golem Blue Spirit
Sharkhammer Blue Spirit
The StaffOfficer Foxin Blue Spirit
The WeaponCollector Godfrey Blue Spirit
Blitz Blue Magic
Magic Hammer Blue Magic

Manga Deck

Name Colour Type
Chakrambat Red Spirit
The Charger Dragno Red Spirit
Dinohound Red Spirit
The DragonEmperor Siegfried Red Spirit
Edgehog Red Spirit
Eyeburn Red Spirit
Goradon Red Spirit
Lanceraptor Red Spirit
The LavaDragon Plesios Red Spirit
Merat Red Spirit
The RiseDragon Balmung Red Spirit
Spinoaxe Red Spirit
Taurusknight Red Spirit
Teranosaber Red Spirit
The TwinRowdy Diranos Red Spirit
The Plateau of Duel Red Nexus
Buster Spear Red Magic
Call of Lost Red Magic
Der Ring des Nibelungen Red Magic
Double Draw Red Magic
Dragons' Rush Red Magic
Flame Cyclone Red Magic
Flame Tempest Red Magic
Offensive Aura Red Magic
Seventh Crimson Red Magic
Spirit Link Red Magic

New Year Special Deck

Name Colour Type
Goradon(Revival) Red Spirit
Rokceratops(Revival) Red Spirit
The DragonEmperor Siegfried(Revival) Red Spirit
Double Draw(Revival) Red Magic
Burning Spirits Red Magic
Silent Wall(Revival) White Magic

Battle Stats (anime)

Episode Type Opponent Result
1-2 Single battle J Lose
2 Single battle Card Sensei Win
3 Single battle Card Sensei Lose
3 Single battle Number Nine Win
4 Single battle Suiren Win
5 Single battle J Undecided
5 Single battle J Lose
6 Single battle Takeru Win
6 Single battle Striker Lose
7 Single battle Striker Win
7 2 on 1 with Striker Nazo-Otona guard Win (but Striker lose)
8 Single battle Number Eight Win
9 Single battles Several people Win
9 Single battle Suiren Lose
10 Single battle J Win (J gave up)
10 Single battle Curator Win
11 Single battle Striker Win
12 Single battle Striker Lose
13 Single battle Number Eight Win
14 Single battle Smile Win
14 Single battle J Lose
15 Single battle Striker Win
15 Single battle J Lose
17 Tag with Striker Several people Win
17 Tag with Striker J and Suiren Lose
18 Single battle Striker Lose
18 Tag with Striker J and Suiren Lose
19 Tag with Suiren (booster draft) J and Striker Lose
20 Single battle Suiren Win
21 Single battle Striker Lose
21 Single battle Suiren Lose
23 Single battle Number Eight Win
23 Single battle J Lose
24 Single battle Elliott Win
25 Single battle Meganeko (Kiiroko) Win
25 Single battle J Win
26 Single battle Meganeko Lose
26 Single battle J Win
27 Single battle Amade Win
29 Single battle Smile Lose
30 Single battle Seven Lose
35 Single battle Meganeko Undecided
35 Single battle Hayami Undecided
36 Single battle Curator Win
36 Single battle J (Jack Knight) Lose
39 Single battle Seven Win
40 Tag with Suiren Nameless opponents Win
41 Single battle Kiano Win
42 Single battle J (Jack Knight) Win
43 Single battle J Undecided
48-49 Tag with J Smile and Seven Win
49 Single battle Number Nine Win
50 Single battle King Uchuuchouten Win
50 Single battle J Undecided
New Year Special 2 on 1(W/Yukimura) Nazo Otona Win

Battle Stats (manga)

Chapter Type Opponent Result
1 Single battle Nazo-Otona Win
2 Single battle Rocky Win
3 Single battle J Undecided
4 Single battle Number 19 Win
5 Single battle Number 9 Undecided
7 Single battle Suiren Win
8-9 Single battle J Undecided
10-11 Single battle J (Jack Knight) Win
12-13 Single battle Smile Win



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