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Top Gun (トップガン) is a keyword introduced in CB16. "Top Gun" originally refers to the best graduates in America's Air Force Academy, and is used to refer to top-notch persons or elites in a certain field. In the Gundam 00 series, the term refers to the aces of pilots. According to a CD drama of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Graham inherited the title from his mentor, Sleg Sletcher, the Union's "top gun" and "living legend". The The effect is worded as below:

  • Flash - Top Gun - Cost X (Reductions)
    If you control no Spirits other than Braves, you can summon this card from your Hand as Cost X (Reductions).

Game-wise, Braves in the Gundam collab series are mostly the pilots or armaments, while the Mobile Suits are Spirits. It allows fast and sudden summon of Graham's units, symbolizing his early arrival at various battlegrounds and unpredictable moves as the Union's Top Gun, and also an elite solo pilot. This effect also allows his units to intercept when the opponent attack with Spirits on their turn when the field is empty, resembling his quick response towards appearance of Gundams.


No. Question Answer
2 When changing the cost or reduction symbols of cards in the Hand, are the cost and reduction symbol of Top Gun affected? No, they are not.
5 While "The Gravity Dimension Engine" is on the Field, if you summon a Cost 5 Spirit card with "Top Gun - Cost 3 (Blue)", can you use the reduction symbols? Yes, you can, as the card itself is Cost 5.
6 When your Field has no Spirits but only Nexuses, can you activate Top Gun from the Hand? Yes, you can.

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