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Thundering Soar (雷飛翔, Raihishou) is a Green keyword which debuted in BS39 as the upgraded version of Soar and is possessed exclusively by The Super-TwelveGodKing Gale-Phoenix Zephyr. The keyword reads:

  • {During Seal} Flash - Thundering Soar (When Attacks) By paying 1 cost, refresh 1 of your Spirits in the family "God-King," and this Spirit cannot be blocked by opposing Spirits/Ultimates with less cores than itself.

A powerful rejuvenating and restricting effect, Thundering Soar allows the player to refresh God-King Spirits upon attacking, allowing either itself or different God-Kings on the field to attack as long as there are core. And, differently from Soar, who allowed, exhausted Spirits/Ultimates to block, Thundering Soar limits the amount of blockers.

Cards That Have Thundering Soar Effects

List of Spirits with Thundering Soar

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