• hello guys i have been playing BS since the release of digimon td and now i even own myself a competitive ruin dragon deck(guilmon + extra turn) and other digi deck except yellow and green, im still new in competitive BS, just want to ask can any of you pro help list some of the currently meta deck for study purpose?.

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    • Zeus Emperor Beast - Thunder Z, Revol Tiger and Z + Extra Turn. The setup is simple but specific, if they get it youre in trouble, if they dont, its your chance to take the lead before they get it sorted.

      Thoth Armed Machine - Extra steps + good immunity across many cards and lots of protect + ultimates. Hard to get through even if their luck was just mild, and the deck manages to get plenty of cards in their hand, so unless their starting hand was the worst possible, you can be trouble building an advantage

      Athena Android - Will just go as fast as possible into having Athena and Athenaea, once they do, it depends on your GWN being able to do something, but if they also have Steel Demon God theres nothing to do.

      Hera Ogre Wizard - Slow start, but once they get going, intense control but slow life damage, except for people who run desfelmion. If you're fast, youre good to go

      Horus Bird - Good fields, good counters, Ultimates. An empty field can explode into multiple high cost ultimates, lots of heavy exhausting that prevents you from countering and advancing. If their luck is awful their boards dont evolve at all though, so they can stall but not survive.

      if youre playing Ruin Dragon you dont have a single worry in life though because your deck is broken and ridiculous, the opponent will be one worried about countering you, you dont have to think

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    • what about artemis machine beast deck and the grandwalker dan deck are that deck good?

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    • artemis is barely top meta anymore, but its basically a slower athenaea

      theyll set up the grand field, brave midnight sun to ceryneia and make two unblockable immune attacks for game

      dan stalls the game until apollo-nova comes out and releases for game

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