• so as some may know, if you checked out a post I made about card limits and such, I'm kinda just getting into the game and I'm kinda getting into it with a Guilmon decklist. That being said about getting into the game, I don't know many generic red cards like nexuses or spells that could help Ruin Dragons (the family Guilmon and the digivolutions are from) or Digimon cards in general so if anyone could give me some help in that area that would help me with a lot of research for the deck.

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    • Most of the deck is complete with the cards from the pack itself

      Other than that, people have recipes with Garudos Randall (Card) and The ConvictionDownfallSword Judgment-Dragon-Sword. If you want to use the meta build of it, theres Grandwalker Zeus, Apollon and Lykeios on the mix

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    • thank you, the suggestions are appreciated.

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