• saga braves

    -work like normal braves

    -when braving from field onto a GWN, you remove all core from it

    -when braved to a GWN, they're also immune to effects that dont target GWN (just like we had text needing to target braves braved to ultimates, well need it for GWN now)


    -treated as spirits with BP that can attack and block

    -gain the cost, bp+ [When Braved to Spirit] and [When Braved to Nexus] effect of Saga Braves

    -affected by the 'this spirit' and 'this nexus' text of saga brave effects

    -still unaffected by effects that dont target GWN

    -during grandphosis, you still cant move its core, and if they leave the field, everything is voided

    -during GP, can still only brave with Saga

    -Can only be destroyed in battle with other GWN

    Core Charge

    -Core charge on summon/advent is now optional. (Before you could forget to do it and do it a month later because it was obligatory, but now that its optional, if you forget the opponent will assume it was on purpose and thus the redo might count as a foul, watch out)


    -If the Spirit changes or advents into something that doesnt meet the braves condition, it is separated now

    Face Down cards

    -there will be new effects putting face down cards on field/removed zone. you can now check the contents of face down cards on your field

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    • Thanks for the summary. I wasn't too sure about the faced-down cards part. But oh well, looks like Summoning Technique is 100% accurate now.

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    • after so many cards ded because of new rules, finally one being buffed

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    • I'm bookmarking this just so I can have the slightest clue what's even going on when the new anime comes out. I'm still probably going to be completely confused.

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    • A FANDOM user
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