• hosting a roleplay on skype preview of the plot if intrested “The Plot
    At the ancient mythical land - Terre Claudius Hochrot, a ancient land that it's rule is battle spirit with over 400 year of tradition and history as one of the most long last kingdom in this history, with the massive power of "Sword Eyes" in it's hand and in it's wise king : Alfred "Yamato" Lancaster (Don't ask me why, this is Japanese TCG base RP, ofc we have Japanese name included), but however, the King have suddenly died at a early age of only at 30, nobody knows the reason of his death and there's no wound on him, but due to his early death and never left over a note or two to decide who is his successor, the kingdom becomes to crumble down into pieces and the sword eyes lost their king, causing them to separate to two side:
    The Sword Eyes of Light and the sword eyes of Darkness
    However, not all the sword eyes are found, even the wise king only manage to found a few, however this still causes the land to be at a chaos state, with the sword eyes of darkness rule over half of the land and the sword eyes of light losing most battle, losing their land and being separated, nowhere to be found.
    This, is the great waring state of the Terre Claudius Hochort land : The Sacred War Of Zenith  
    But with this as a chance, many family or even pesent raise up with their power, becoming "Warlords and Vassels" for their own reason, some for fame, some for money and some for peace.
    ??? : "Fight! Light! Darkness! The people! your fate will be decided----With BATTLE SPIRIT!'
    End Plot” conner.cox8 is my skype 

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