• Helloooooo all those people who play battle spirits/roleplay/both! Me and my friend are seeking roleplay members as we are small so yeah! Here's the Plot:(I did not make this, give all the thanks to LeonLancer AKA Atsushi Tachi who is also the rp thread page owner.)

    The 12 Reverse Zodiac Braves have appeared in a different dimension but they have been scattered. A group want the 12 Reverse Zodiac Braves to destroy this dimension and move on to the next. The Sengoku Six Generals did not want this so they decided to oppose the Braves. As the Battle was arduous, each side exhausted themselves but the SengokuSixGenerals managed to win by combining the rest of their powers which defeated the Braves. The downside to this was that both side reverted to their card forms. The SengokuSixGenerals then scattered themselves in a different dimension in order to make themselves sparse and look for a battler worthy for them. The reason for this is that they predicted the uprising of the Braves. They were correct as the Braves returned to card forms and scattered themselves across dimensions in order to find a battler full of malicious and hatred in order to manipulate them to defeat the Generals. The Generals are at a number disadvantage of course due to the 12 Reverse Zodiac Braves but it is up to the SengokuSixGenerals to stop this calamity! The mission for the Braves is opposite as they want to cause calamity and re-make dimensions in their image!

    Colors Taken For SixGenerals:

    SengokuSixGeneral Leon Lancer - Red (Taken by Atsushi Tachi, LeonLancer)

    SengokuSixGeneral Senryuukaku - White (Taken By Me)

    Green,Blue,Purple And Yellow are Free.

    Hooked so far and you have questions and/or you wanna join?!

    Check out this link!:

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