• I would like to make a request to create a page for rulings Q&A. Especially for keywords. Most of the Q&A can be found in Japanese here .

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    • Go ahead.

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    • Since no progress has been made, I've decided the pick up on this.

      I have started laying down the basics:

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    • A thought came into mind when I started on the Rulings Q&A page last year and with User:Daburu's help into finishing most of the Q&A - 

      I was thinking whether we should list the related Q&A for each individual card as from the official database and the Japanese Wiki?

      (I know this is a huge amount of task and tranlastion maybe difficult).

      By any chance, could someone create a template for this?

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    • I'd agree that having individual card Q&As would be nice, but I'm certainly not volunteering for that. All at once is one thing, but going through every page individually would take a good year's work.

      At the very least, putting keyword rulings on the individual keyword pages wouldn't be bad. Maybe linking pages to the rulings as well.

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    • A FANDOM user
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