The Unfinished Ancient Battleship:Sail


The Unfinished Ancient Battleship- Sail
Name The Unfinished Ancient Battleship:Sail
Kanji/Kana 未完成の古代戦艦:帆
Rōmaji Mikansen no Kodai Senkan: Ho
Released in (Japanese) BS12, BSC12, BS39
Color Blue Blue core
Cost 3
Reduction Blue coreBlue core (Revival: Blue core)
Symbols Blue core
Level 1: 0 core
Level 2: 3 core

[LV1][LV2](During your attack step) All your spirits with no effect written on them cannot be affected by opponent's magic effects.

[LV2] (During opponent's main step) For this turn, your opponent can only summon 1 spirit with no effect written on them from their hand.

[LV1][LV2] (Every Attack Step) Every Cost 3 or less Spirit/Ultimate cannot attack.

[LV2] (Opponent's Main Step) The opponent can only summon one Spirit card/Ultimate card with printed effects from their hand/Removed From Game zone every turn.

Flavor Text
The disappeared legendary constellation stands out on the great sail. Now that everything has been completed, it's only a matter of time until the revival of the Golem.
—from the Vela chronicles of "Tales of Eighty-Eight Starlit Nights" by Astronomer Lilia—

全てが補完されつつある今、あのゴーレムの復活は時間の問題。 ―星文学者リリア『八十八星夜話』帆座―

Rarity Uncommon
Illustration Yoshiyasu Tomoe
Rulings/Restrictions The Level 2 effect does not mean that your opponent cannot summon spirits with effects.


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