The UltimateSoldier Dragno


Name The UltimateSoldier Dragno
Kanji/Kana ドラグノ究極兵
Released in (Japanese) SD19, SD21
Color Red Red core
Cost 5
Reduction Red coreRed coreRed core
Symbols Gold core
Family Incarnate, Dragon
Ability Ultimate-Trigger
Level 3: 1 core, 8000 BP
Level 4: 3 core, 12000 BP
[Summon Condition: You must have 1 or more Red spirits on your field.]

Ultimate-Trigger [LV3][LV4] (When Attacks) When Ultimate-Trigger hits, your opponent must block if possible. However, your opponent's ultimates do not have to block. If blocked by your opponent's spirit, you may move one core of your opponent's life to your opponent's reserve. (Ultimate-Trigger: Move 1 card from your opponents deck to the trash. If the cost of that card is lower than this ultimate, it will hit)
Flavor Text
Looks like some crazy strong guys have come down from the continent in the sky. Asia named them "Ultimates". There was some argument of whether there was a need to classify them as separate from Spirits, but I like the name. Ultimates, huh. I'll call them that too.

アーシアがそいつらを『アルティメット』って名付けた。 スピリットと分類が必要だとかなんとか小理屈言ってるが、 名前は気にいった。アルティメットな。オレもそう呼ぼう。

Rarity Uncommon
Illustration Keiji Asakawa
Rulings/Restrictions None


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