The SwordMasterAngelia Momoel


Pack7202034-0009 (1)
Name The SwordMasterAngelia Momoel
Kanji/Kana 剣聖天使モモエル
Released in (Japanese) BS29
Color Yellow Yellow core
Cost 3
Reduction Yellow coreGold core
Symbols Gold core
Family Next Generation, Fencer, Divine Spirit
Ability Ultimate-Trigger, Critical Hit
Level 3: 1 core, 4000 BP
Level 4: 3 core, 7000 BP
Level 5: 4 core, 9000 BP
[Summon Condition: You must have 1 or more Spirits with Cost 1 or more on your Field.]

[When Braved] Ultimate-Trigger [LV3][LV4][LV5] (When Braved Attacks) When Ultimate-Trigger hits, during this battle, targeted opposing Spirit gets -10000 BP. *Critical Hit*: If the hit card is a Spirit card/Magic card, additionally, destroy the Spirit that has its BP brought down to 0 by this effect. (Ultimate-Trigger: Put 1 card from your opponents deck to the trash. If the cost of that card is lower than this ultimate, it will hit)

[LV4][LV5] (Either Attack Step) Either player's life cannot be reduced by attacks of Spirits with "Rush".
Flavor Text
What is the connection between the two continents and the SwordsSaints?
—Antarc, Revelations of the Apocalypse, Past Records: Day 11—
2つの大陸と剣聖の関係とは? ―アンターク『終焉の黙示録』過去記11日目―
Rarity Uncommon
Illustration Tai Nakashima
Rulings/Restrictions The one card put into Trash by Ultimate-Trigger cannot be stopped by anti-deck destruction as they have different wording in Japanese. It also cannot be increased by Charge.
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