The SkyBraver Hoopoeheader


Name The SkyBraver Hoopoeheader
Kanji/Kana 天空勇士ヤツガヘッダー
Released in (Japanese) BS46
Color Green Green core
Cost 6
Reduction Green coreGreen coreGold coreGod core
Symbols Gold core
Family Winged Beast
Level 3: 1 core, 10000 BP
Level 4: 3 cores, 13000 BP
Card Effects
[Summon Condition: Controlling at least one Winged Beast Spirit/Ultimate]

When summoning this revealed card, ignore the Summon Condition.

Ultimate-Trigger [LV3][LV4] (When Attacks) When Ultimate-Trigger hits, heavy exhaust an opposing Spirit. After Ultimate-Trigger, if your Life is 3 or less, also activate the effect of "Cross Ultimate-Trigger".

Cross Ultimate-Trigger -When Cross Ultimate-Trigger hits, if your opponent controls any heavy exhausted Spirits, send an opposing Life to the Reserve. (Ultimate-Trigger/Cross Ultimate-Trigger: Put 1 card from your opponents deck to the trash. If the cost of that card is lower than this ultimate, it will hit)
Flavor Text
"Only releasing your true power when against the headwind. That's what it means to be a Sky Braver."
Rarity Rare
Illustration Saitou Kouki
Rulings/Restrictions None
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