The Pirate'sSpeargun Zeroy-Shooter


Name The Pirate'sSpeargun Zeroy-Shooter
Kanji/Kana 海賊銛銃ゼーロイ・シューター
Rōmaji Kaizoku Morijū Zēroi-Shūtā
Released in (Japanese) BS42, BSC34
Color Blue Blue core.png
Cost 6
Reduction Blue core.pngBlue core.pngBlue core.pngBlue core.png
Symbols Blue core.png
Brave Condition A cost 5 or above
Family Divine Weapon, Fusion Beast
Ability Reload
Level 1: 1 core,6000 BP
Brave: 0 core, +6000 BP
Card Effects
[LV1] Reload - You can Advent onto this Brave in Spirit form. When you Advent onto this Brave, you can Brave this pre-Advent card to that Spirit.

[When Braved] (When Attacks) Your opponent must send 1 core from their reserve to their trash in order to use"Accel"/Magic cards. If this Spirit is [During Advent], the number of cores to be moved to trash by this effect becomes 3 cores.
Flavor Text
A gift from the Noble Order to the DragonEmperor's Pirate Crews. It possess even the power to split the sea.
Rarity Master Rare
Illustration 青井岳人
Rulings/Restrictions 1. You opponent can use Magic/Accel Cards from his/her hand without sending 1 core from their reserve to trash if he/she has cards with [Cards in your hand cannot be affected by your opponent's spirit, brave, nexus or magic effects] effect.


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