The Little Samurai Issun Antman


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Name The Little Samurai Issun Antman
Kanji/Kana 小さな侍イッスンアントマン
Rōmaji Chiisana Samurai Issun Antoman
Released in (Japanese) Promo Cards, BSC14
Color Green Green core
Cost 3
Reduction Green core
Symbols Green core
Family Supreme Hero, Shellman
Ability Burst
Level 1: 1 core, 3000 BP
Level 2: 3 core, 6000 BP
[ Burst: After your opponent activates a Spirit/Brave's (When Summoned) effect ]
By returning one of your spirits with High Speed or Windstorm to the hand, summon this spirit.

[LV2] (Your Opponent's Attack Step) At the start of the step, if this spirit is exhausted, exhaust one opposing spirit.
Flavor Text
Wind Shield is supposed to be maintaining an absolute neutrality and not getting involved in the war. Then what is that tiny guy by Kei's side? Is it okay for him to fight with Kei?

じゃあ、ケイの方にいる、あのちっさいヤツはなんなんだ? ケイと一緒に戦っちゃってるけど、いいのか?

Rarity Promo, EX
Illustration Koji
Rulings/Restrictions None


  • This card was included in the Shop Battle Promotion Pack Vol. 1.
  • This Spirit is based on Issun Boshi, a famous Japanese folklore about a small body hero that can be found in the old Japanese illustrated book Otogizōshi.
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