The GrandflowerFairy Licorice


Name The GrandflowerFairy Licorice
Kanji/Kana 神華の妖精リコリス
Released in (Japanese) BS48
Color Yellow Yellow core
Reduction Yellow coreYellow coreYellow core
Symbols Yellow core
Family Fairy
Level 1: 1 core, 6000 BP
Level 2: 3 core, 10000 BP
Card Effects
[LV1][LV2] (When Summoned) For each "Fairy" family Magic card on your Field, return an opposing Spirit/Ultimate to the Hand.

[LV2] (When Attacks) By sending one core from an opposing Grandwalker Nexus to the Void, once per turn, refresh this Spirit.
Flavor Text
If my beauty were damaged by Egyt's or Uru's influence, I'm against it. If I inversely will become more beautiful, then I'm greatly in favor. However, how would I even become even more beautiful than I already am? Aphrodite makes this statement without hesitating.
―"Genesis Records" New Volume 1:13

もっと美しくなるなら大歓迎! でも、これ以上の美しさってどうなっちゃうの? アプロディーテはそう公言してはばからない。 ―『創世書紀』新1章13―

Rarity Common
Illustration Nakashima Tai
Rulings/Restrictions None
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