The GrandflowerFairyQueen Marigold

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The GrandflowerFairyQueen Marigold


Name The GrandflowerFairyQueen Marigold
Kanji/Kana 神華の妖精女王マリーゴールド
Released in (Japanese) BS48
Color Yellow Yellow core.png
Cost 7
Reduction Yellow core.png Yellow core.png Yellow core.png God core.png God core.png
Symbols Yellow core.png
Family Celeste, Fairy
Keyword Burst
Level 1: 1 core, 5000 BP
Level 2: 2 cores, 8000 BP
Level 3: 4 cores, 10000 BP
Card Effects
While you have any "Fairy" family card in your Trash, this set card is unaffected by opposing effects.

[ Burst: After Your Life Decreases]
Summon this card without paying the cost. Then, you can activate the Main/Flash effect of a "Fairy" family Magic card on your Field, without paying the cost. When you've done so, you can return that card to your Hand.

[LV2][LV3] (When Attacks) Draw a card from the deckbottom.
Flavor Text
"With whose permission have you set foot on the Grandflower Fairy city?"
Rarity Rare
Illustration Yoshioka Airi
Rulings/Restrictions None
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