The Galaxy Corvus Triumvirate Appears


Zannen munen
Name The Galaxy Corvus Triumvirate Appears
Kanji/Kana 銀河三羽がらす参上
Released in (Japanese) BSC32
Color Purple/White/Red
Cost 4
Reduction Purple coreWhite coreRed core
Ability Burst
Card Effects
[ Burst: After An Opposing Spirit/Ultimate Attacks]
Reveal three cards from the top of your deck. Summon as many White Spirit cards with Burst effects and Spirit cards with "Awaken"/"Ultra Awaken"/"Curse"/"Destructive Curse" among them, without paying the cost. Remaining cards are discarded. Then, by paying the cost, activate this card's Flash effect.

Flash - If you control no Spirit's, set this card.
Flavor Text
Rulings/Restrictions None
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