The FallenSwordMaster Moloch


Name The FallenSwordMaster Moloch
Kanji/Kana 堕天剣聖モロク
Released in (Japanese) BS29
Color Purple Purple core
Cost 3
Reduction Purple coreGold core
Symbols Gold core
Family Next Generation, Fencer, Evil Shadow
Ability Ultimate-Trigger
Level 3: 1 core, 4000 BP
Level 4: 2 core, 6000 BP
Level 5: 3 core, 8000 BP
[Summon Condition: You must have 1 or more cost 1 or higher Spirit on your Field.]

[LV3][LV4][LV5] Ignore the summon condition for all of your Purple Ultimates. The Ultimate symbols of all of your Ultimates in the family "Evil Shadow" are also treated as Purple symbols.

[When Braved] Ultimate-Trigger [LV4][LV5] (When This Braved Ultimate Attacks) When Ultimate-Trigger hits, move 1 core from any opposing Ultimate to their Reserve.(Ultimate-Trigger: Put 1 card from your opponents deck to the trash. If the cost of that card is lower than this ultimate, it will hit)
Flavor Text
From Darkness Hole, the stars...
—Antarc, Revelations of the Apocalypse, Past Records: Day 11—
Rarity Uncommon
Illustration Kouki Saitou
Rulings/Restrictions The one card put into Trash by Ultimate-Trigger cannot be stopped by anti-deck destruction as they have different wording in Japanese. It also cannot be increased by Charge.
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