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|illust = Tatsuki Mutou
|illust = Tatsuki Mutou
|rulings = None}}
|rulings = None}}
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The FallenKnight Ariel


BS27 C 010.png
Name The FallenKnight Ariel
Kanji/Kana 堕天騎士アリエル
Released in (Japanese) BS27
Color Purple Purple core.png
Cost 2
Reduction 1 Purple
Symbols 1 Purple
Family Evil Shadow
Keyword Poison Blade
Level 1: 1 core, 1000 BP
Level 2: 2 core, 2000 BP
[LV1][LV2][LV3] Poison Blade: 1 (When Battles) Put 1 card from the top of your opponent's deck under any opposing Spirit or Ultimate face down. If that Spirit or Ultimate leaves the Field, the cards under them is discarded.
Flavor Text

ということわざがある。 毒がおいしいからって飲みすぎるなという格言だ。

Rarity Common
Illustration Tatsuki Mutou
Rulings/Restrictions None


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