The FallenDragonDeity Venu-Lucifer


Name The FallenDragonDeity Venu-Lucifer
Kanji/Kana 堕天神龍ヴィーナ・ルシファー
Released in (Japanese) BS10
Color Yellow Yellow core
Cost 6
Reduction Yellow coreYellow coreYellow coreYellow coreYellow core
Symbols Yellow core
Family Astral Deity, Dark Artes
Level 1: 1 core, 4000 BP
Level 2: 2 core, 7000 BP
Level 3: 5 core, 10000 BP
This card in your Hand can use the symbols on your field as well as in your Trash for summoning cost reduction.

[When Braved][LV3] (When Brave Attacks) By discarding a Spirit card from your Hand, discard cards from your decktop until a Magic card is discarded, and immediately activate that Magic card's Flash effect without paying the cost.
Flavor Text
This grotesque soul was once the lovely DragonDeity of Venus.
—A memo from Negotiator Mix—
かつては美しき金星神龍と呼ばれていたらしいね ―交渉人ミクスの手記―
Rarity X-Rare
Illustration Ittoku
Rulings/Restrictions None


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