The ElectricGodEmperor Train


Bs26 u049
Name The ElectricGodEmperor Train
Kanji/Kana 電神皇トレイン
Released in (Japanese) BS26, BSC27 
Color White White core
Cost 5
Reduction White coreWhite coreWhite core
Symbols Gold core
Family Next Generation, Armed Machine
Ability Ultimate-Trigger
Level 3: 1 core, 9000 BP
Level 4: 2 core, 11000 BP
Level 5: 4 core: 14000 BP
[Summon Condition: You must have 1 or more Cost 1 or higher spirits on your field.]

[LV3][LV4][LV5] Ignore the summoning conditions of all your Ultimate cards with cost 7 or less, and all of your Ultimate symbols are also treated as White symbols.

Ultimate-Trigger [LV4][LV5] (When Blocks) When Ultimate-Trigger hits, move 1 core from void to this Ultimate, and refresh this Ultimate. (Ultimate-Trigger: Put 1 card from your opponents deck to the trash. If the cost of that card is lower than this Ultimate, it will hit)
Flavor Text
Oh Euro, you think those six aren't the same as the usual Ultimates too? Right? I'm disgusted to share your opinion though.

だろ? まあ、おめえと意見が合うってのが気持ち悪いけどな。

Rarity Uncommon
Illustration Takehito Aoi
Rulings/Restrictions The one card put into Trash by Ultimate-Trigger cannot be stopped by anti-deck destruction as they have different wording in Japanese. It also cannot be increased by Charge.


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