The EgytianAngelia Asetiel


Name The EgytianAngelia Asetiel
Kanji/Kana エジットの天使アセティエル
Released in (Japanese) BS47
Color Yellow Yellow core.png
Cost 8
Reduction Yellow core.pngYellow core.pngYellow core.pngGold core.png
Symbols Yellow core.pngGold core.png
Family Divine Spirit
Keyword Advent
Level 3: 1 core, 12000 BP
Level 4: 2 cores, 15000 BP
Level 5: 3 cores, 20000 BP
Card Effects
'Flash - Advent: Divine Spirit & Cost 6 or more (Either Attack Step)
By sending your Soul Core.png to the Trash, stack this from your hand onto your target

[Summon Condition: Controlling at least one Divine Spirit Ultimate]

[LV3][LV4][LV5] (When Advents) You can pay one cost to summon one of this Ultimate's pre-Advent cards. When you've done so, send three cores from any opposing Grandwalker Nexus(es) to the Void.

[LV4][LV5] (When Attacks) Return an opposing Spirit to the Hand.
Flavor Text
"You're that interested in seeing my magic? Okay, okay, I'll prepare for it, so wait a moment."
Rarity Rare
Illustration Shikidouji
Rulings/Restrictions None
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