The BambooShoot's Hidden Village


Bambooshoot village
Name The BambooShoot's Hidden Village
Kanji/Kana たけのこの隠れ里
Rōmaji Takenoko no KakureZato
Released in (Japanese) BS43
Color Green Green core
Cost 4
Reduction Green coreGreen core
Symbols Green core
Level 1: 0 core
Level 2: 2 core
Card Effects
[LV1][LV2] (Your Core Step) Instead of placing a core from the void in your reserve, you can draw one card from your deck. This effect does not stack.

[LV2] (Your Attack Step) When your opponent's life is decreased due to attacks from your spirits from the Blade Beast family, move 1 core from the opponent's life to their reserve.

Flavor Text
Rarity Common
Rulings/Restrictions 1. If you have multiple copies of this nexus, you can only activate the effect once.

2. If I have this nexus and another nexus with similar effect (such as The Phoenix's Tailfeathers), you can activate the other nexus effect as it is considered effect coming from another nexus. So, you will be able to draw per each nexus effect activated.

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