The AbsoluteDragonDeity Amaterasu-Dragon


The AbsoluteDragonDeity Amaterasu-Dragon2
Name The AbsoluteDragonDeity Amaterasu-Dragon
Kanji/Kana 絶対なる幻龍神アマテラス・ドラゴン
Color Red Red core
Cost 10
Reduction 0
Symbols Red coreRed coreRed core
Family Crystalline Deity
Level 1: 1 Core, X0000
This Spirit card is unaffected by any card effects.

[LV1] This spirit cannot be braved, and is unaffected by any effects other than its own effect. The BP of this spirit is equal to the number of cores on this spirit x 10000.

[LV1] (When Summoned) Destroy all other Spirits on the field.

Flavor Text
Rarity Mythic X-Rare


  • This Spirit was awarded to the winner of Battle Spirits Max Heroes' Championship 2012. This card is inside a trophy.
  • This Spirit was also awarded to the winner of Battle Spirits Asia Cup Championship. This card is inside a trophy.
  • Jun Fukuyama, seiyuu of Tegamaru Tanashi, also has a copy of the card.


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