Team Shomen Toppa (チーム正面突破) is a card battler team seen in the anime series Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin.


Team Shomen Toppa was a team of six formed by Toppa Bashin. They first debuted during a team tournament,

The members of Team Shomen Toppa at the King Uchuuchouten Cup

with the objective of taking back J, who joined Numbers Elite.

Though they successfully registered for the tournament, they learned that Seven had quit the team. With one member short, they wouldn't be able to participate. Bashin went searching for Seven, and battled with him. Though Bashin won the match, Seven explained why he became a member of Numbers Elite. Seeing his strong feelings toward this, Bashin decided to accept Seven's decision.

When Bashin returned to give his teammates the bad news, Masako, who saw what happened with Bashin and Seven earlier, appeared to say that she signed up as their sixth member.

Though a full team was created, things still weren't going smoothly at first. Bashin and Suiren were fighting over who should be the team's captain, and Kyouka and Meganeko lost an important match. For the next match, Striker and Masako would battle as a tag. However, Masako disappeared. Although she returned in time for her match, Striker found a letter she dropped, and between this and the earlier incident, he became suspicious of her true identity. He left to battle Elliott, who revealed that Masako was actually Number Eight, but had no connection to the Numbers during that tournament.

Ultimately, Team Shomen Toppa reached the final round, where they would face Numbers Elite. The format shifted to three single battles. Striker lost the first match against Smile, but Kyouka defeated Number Nine, and Bashin defeated Number Three. Although they successfully won the tournament, Bashin then had a special match against J, who had refused to participate earlier.

The team, now with J as the sixth member, was soon invited to the special King Uchuuchouten Cup. The tournament, however, was actually intended as a means for Number Nine to collect their cornerstones. After Striker, Suiren, Meganeko and Kyouka were all defeated, they were captured. Bashin and J were left to battle the tag of Smile and Seven, and were victorious, thanks to the new X-rare that combined their colors, The SacredEmperor Siegfrieden.


Consistent Members

Toppa Bashin- Captain




Kyouka Sawaragi


J Sawaragi -Joined for King Uchuuchouten Cup

Seven -Defected

Masako Inogashira -Temporary substitute


The members of the final Team Shomen Toppa contain a card battler specializing in each of the six colors.

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