Tameru Tachibana
Real Name Tameru Tachibana
Aliases N/A
Voice (Japanese) Akeno Watanabe
Gender Male
Age 14
First Appearance Ep 16
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Red (champion copy deck),Green (Original deck)
Key Cards The DragonHero Sieg-Yamato-Fried,The BlueSkyHero Kung-Wolf
X-Rares The DragonHero Sieg-Yamato-Fried, The BlueSkyHero Kung-Wolf

Tameru Tachibana (立花 タメル) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Heroes


He has spiked green hair and black eyes. He wears a visor over his eyes. He wears a hero-like blue and white body suit, with a belt and red cape. When not in costume, he wears a yellow and red suit, green pants and a red cap.


He's obsessed with justice and heroics. However, he's rather clueless, and only sees what he wants to. He's in love with Kimari and thinks her to be a pure princess, though eventually realizes her true evil side and embraces that as well. He's also a masochist, enjoying the constant abuse he gets from Kimari.


Tameru is a red card batter, who uses the same X-rare as the champion (though he's willing to copy any strong card battler's deck). He is rich enough to get whatever he wants, and is always accompanied by his butler, Ser-jii. He decided Kimari was a princess, and wanted to protect her from the evil of Hajime, who corrupted her. When he battled Hajime, he was defeated, much to his shock, because justice was supposed to win.

Tameru continued to follow Kimari around, despite her annoyance. He transferred to Kadode Middle School to be closer to her.

Later, at the airport, he argued with Ser-jii, who was concerned over his lack of passion of battle.. Tameru saw that Katabura was arguing with Moshireeta too. So, the two exchanged their companion. Tameru, along with Moshireeta, met Kimari. Kimari decided that in his current state, Tameru was too pathetic to call her "Princess." She decided he could only keep doing so if he defeated Hajime in battle. Hajime, who had his own plans to help Katabura, went along with it. Tameru played his family heriloom, the hero X-rare, The BlueSkyHero Kung-Wolf. He lost, ultimately, but regained his passion, so Kimari decided he could keep calling her "Princess."


He uses a red deck, which is a copy of the champion's deck. In episode 41, his true green deck is revealed. Tameru said this The BlueSkyHero Kung-Wolf is a Tachibana family heirloom.

His deck has contained at some point, the following

Name Color Type
The DragonHero Sieg-Yamato-Fried Red Spirit (Burst)
The HollowBeast Champbongor Red Spirit 
Zenith-Dragoon Red Spirit
Kagutsuchidragoon Red Spirit
The HollowDragonEmperor Catastrophedragon Red Spirit
Ryzard Red Spirit
One-Kengo Red Spirit
The LeoDragonPrince Leogulus Red Spirit
The SwordHorse Granim White Spirit
The GunDragon Phoenix-Cannon Red Brave
The KnightSnake Pendragon Purple Brave
The Thousand Knowledge Canyon Red Nexus
Double Blaster Red Magic (Burst)
Blaze Slash Red Magic (Burst)
Revelation Aura Red Magic
Critical Burst Red Magic (Burst)
Crystallize Illusion White Magic (Burst)
Burst Wall White Magic (Burst)

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
16 Single battle Hajime Lose
41 Single battle Hajime Lose



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Battle Spirits Heroes (manga-Ace)


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