That's why I brought up the phrase "Astral Armored" and "Astral Armor" because both phrase are used differently.

If it means to be "an equipment with the star-based property on it named BravePiooze", then use Astral Armor... Starmor... Astromech... or whatever

If it means "something named BravePiooze getting reinfroced by star-based power", then use Astral Armored.... Starmored... Astromechanized... or whatever

According to your recent reply. It mean't to be "an equipment with star-based property", so it's a Noun. In which you should not use "ed" as suffix. Therefore, it should be "The Snake Emperor Astral Armor BravePiooze"

Mock me all you want Chi... I admit I don't know jack shit about moonrunes. But I know some tricks about english language...

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