Sword Eyes Episode 14
Sword ep14
English Translation The FlashDragonEmperor TheEnd-Dragonis Rushes!
Kanji 滅龍帝ジエンド・ドラゴニス驀進!
Romaji Metsu Ryuu Mikado Jiendo Doragonisu Bakushin!
Air Date 12/09/12
Opening Theme Wild Card
Ending Theme Color
Sword Eyes Episode 13 Sword Eyes Episode 15

The fourteenth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Sword Eyes.

Sora battles against Garudos, to allow the others to sneak onto his ship.


Featured CardEdit

The RuinDragonEmperor TheEnd-Dragonis


Sora vs. GarudosEdit

  • Turn 1(Sora)  
  • Sora first summoned The Fighter of Light Randall.
  • Turn 2 (Garudos)
  • Garudos does nothing on his main step and attack step,then turn end.
  • Turn 3(Sora)
  • Sora summoned The Warrior of Light Gaius at level two.Next,he attacks with The Fighter of Light Randall.He follows with The Warrior of Light Gaius,so Garudos loses two lives.
  • Turn 4(Garudos)
  • Garudos summoned Slave-GaiAsura.He ends his turn without attacking.
  • Turn 5(Sora)
  • Sora bring The Fighter of Light Randall to level two.Then attack with Randall.Garudos takes a life.
  • Turn 6(Garudos)
  • Garudos summoned Slave-GaiAsura.
  • Turn 7(Sora)
  • Sora bring The Fighter of Light Randall and The Warrior of Light Gaius to level 1.Next he deploy a blue nexus,The Lit Three-Pronged Lighthouse.The Lit Three-Pronged Lighthouse when deployed.He can summon a brave card at no cost.He summon The BlueWaterGreatSword Maelstrom at no cost.
  • Turn 8(Garudos)

Cards UsedEdit




  • Narration - Rikiya Koyama

Main StaffEdit

  • Script:  Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Storyboard/Episode Director: Osamu Kamei
  • Animation Director: Hirozaku Hisayuki


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